Michael Lee Scott is a painter, sculptor, dancer and choreographer. Whether it is a pirouette or trompe l’oeil, he is gifted with the rare ability to visualize what does not yet exist.

He “sculpts” environments from nothing. The images that Michael Lee conjures up defy reality. Even he says he is not quite sure how he does it. Michael Lee does not use reference materials, the images appear as flashes of inspiration that he turns into a new reality.

He begins by interviewing the client to gain an understanding of what they expect from an investment in trompe l’oeil. Will it set a scene? Provide an escape for a moment at the end of the day or enhance what already exists?

After the proposed concept is agreed on, Michael Lee begins outlining the scene or objects filling the space with rich, layered color and the most infinitesimal details. The images come naturally.

Michael Lee Scott is a southwestern native. He attended school at Texas A&M Kingsville and has lived in New York City since 1985.