Residential: Bathroom

And they’re off!

The client’s guest bathroom is attached to an equestrian-themed bedroom. Together, Michael Lee and the client decided to continue the theme into the bathroom. The entire room looks like a horse grooming stall, complete with the Jockey’s corner.

The story continues. As in all of Scott’s work, he tells a story through the items that he composes in the painting. First, he envisions the room. Here, you can see the simple beige wall in the bathroom and the transformation that is about to take place. Rich wood, the jockey’s jacket, tattered photos from the champion’ glory days. The ribbon was imagined by Michael Lee as a prize the jockey’s mother won showing her horse when she was young. Like mother, like child.

Here we see the detail from tattered poster that Michael Lee dreamed up. It was owned by the Jockey’s Grandfather who was too tall to race. It was saved and passed down to his Grandson when he was of age. On the lower left, the small snapshot is of the Jockey on a rocking horse showing his passion for horses even as a child.

Even the dog went to work! On the larger wall, Michael Lee painted the horse tack and tools needed for grooming the horse. The client requested that a Jack Russell Terrier be added to the painting (in tribute to his dog) so he placed him in the bottom burrowing through the saw dust looking for mice. It is favorite past time of the terrier and it added whimsy to the room.

The ceiling is painted to look exactly like woodgrain. Every detail of the stable was imagined and executed from floor to roof. The rich colors transformed this Central Park condo into a jockey’s hideaway.