Working with Michael Lee Scott is much like working with an interior decorator. You sit with him and talk about what you need, what you want and what you envision for your environment. Michael Lee listens. But what Michael Lee can create for you is not what a decorator can ˝ itÝs beyond your dream. Because what he does is bring your fantasy to life.

Looking at the space, considering what you want and what elements already exist, Michael Lee has the unexplainable ability to see what is not there. His own unique gift goes to work as he strips away distractions and pictures blank walls — his raw canvas.

Starting much as a decorator does, Michael Lee applies the foundation of the project. The base color. From there he adds starter details — texture. An image that the client has requested ˝ a curtain ˝ a window where there is none — there is no limit to what he can “build.” Michael Lee can create depth and drama from a flat surface. He can “tie” a curtain back, carve wood and stone, plant trees, grow flowers, bring wild animals into a space. From there the details become the focus. From the obvious to the most minute ˝ detail is what gives the work the unbelievable realism that is seen in the final result.

When you engage Michael Lee you are commissioning a unique piece of art — a room that exists nowhere else. There is no limit to what he can create ˝ no dream that he cannot realize.