Michael Lee Scott is an incredible talent. He delivers not only an incredible pieces of artwork, but is able to transform flat spaces into exquisite three-dimensional spaces. We are proud to share a few observations from Scott's loyal patrons.


Michael Lee is an imaginative artist whose skill and perfectionism never fail to reflect his client's vision, while contributing his own unique point of visual interpretation. The process is a collaborative joy and the results are always beyond expectation.

This is a "fancy" way of saying his work is great and his humor and spirit make you want to keep thinking of more stuff for him to do. If you aren't careful, your entire house and family will be "fauxed". Mine are. In fact, we just bought a new house so my Michael Lee habit can be fed.

Plus, he is a fine little tap dancer!

Sandy Duncan, New York, New York


I have known and worked with Michael Lee Scott in a variety of settings since 2000. Whether it is in his capacity as a performer, a home interior designer and artist, or a theatrical scenic designer, I have been extremely impressed with his revolutionary vision and his ability to bring that vision into reality. Michael Lee is especially gifted at understanding a client's needs, dreams, and limitations and developing a design that incorporates his own creativity, while still reflecting the personality of the client.

Personally, I have hired Michael Lee to work on two design projects in my own home. He has painted two spectacular murals, one in my master bathroom and one in my guest powder room. Both projects started with my own basic ideas. Michael Lee was able to examine my personal style and expand upon rudimentary concepts to create truly exceptional works of art for my family, friends, and guests to enjoy. I am very particular about my home and I feel a great deal of pride when I show his murals to guests and they marvel at his work.I would strongly recommend Michael Lee Scott to persons or companies seeking a designer or artist. His visionary creative abilities are unmatched and his work ethic is unparalleled!

— Suzy Ziller, Cincinnati , Ohio


I contacted Michael Lee in 1999 to paint several corporate bathrooms for me. Within minutes of our first meeting I knew that he would not only take my direction but he would also infuse it with his own creativity. Over the next 8 years I would bring him in again to paint larger and larger works. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like his paintings. As a builder I feel totally confident that he will exceed anything that I could have hoped for. One of the office's he painted literally has people stopping by on a daily basis just to see his work. He is charming, even tempered and always a joy to be around. That paired with his uncanny ability to paint makes him a staple of my design team.

Alex Harris, Corpus Christi, Texas


We have known Michael Lee since 1984 when he performed in a local theatre production as a high school student. Following his career, we reunited with Michael Lee when he performed on Broadway and several years later discovered another of his talents – in addition to being a singer, dancer and actor we learned that Michael Lee is also an incredibly creative artist.

In 2001 we did an extensive remodel of our home of 30 years and one of the most exciting parts of this adventure was working with Michael Lee. We are always exited to share Mchael Lee’s creativity with family, friends, and any stranger who comes to our home. In our new kitchen Michael Lee painted a range hood which appears to be made of copper with a wrought iron rod which looks like you can put you’re your hand around it because of the shadows and dimensional artistry. The rod holds a platter which mimics the blue dishes that hang below, which were passed down from our parents. Every person who has seen the platter hanging from the rod asks why it does not fall down. The scene on the platter Michael Lee had seen in Italy on a recent trip to the Mediterranean.

In our powder room Michael Lee painted the doors of a cabinet replicating items from our home and from our many years of sailing; a half-hull of a sail boat which was a gift from a friend made for us some 30 years ago, a copy of a Robinson Cruso book which was a gift to our mother in 1920 as well as many special nautical items.

In our master bath Michael Lee painted a fabulous tree mural complete with a butterfly,
ladybug, and squiggly little inch worm. As the sun goes down the tree takes on a new life. When the lights are turned on at night the tree reflects, it appears as though it continues in to the shower area.

During all of this Michael Lee even taught me about “levels” for displaying appetizers for a party. Is there anything he can’t do?

Chuck & JoAnn Kernick, Corpus Christi, Texas